Get Involved

If you have any questions about getting involved at Bitmaker Labs, send us an email at

Alumni Employers

Over 90% of the students in our Web Development Immersive program looking for employment found a job within 90 days of graduating. Here are a few of the companies employing Bitmaker Alumni.
If your company is looking to hire junior developers or designers on a great learning trajectory, join our hiring board!
  • Logo for Shopify
  • Logo for Hootsuite
  • Logo for Thoughtworks
  • Logo for Bugcrowd
  • Logo for IBM
  • Logo for BuzzBuzzHome
  • Logo for Telus
  • Logo for The Working Group
  • Logo for Chango

Guest Speakers

Bitmaker has welcomed some amazing guest speakers into our classroom to share their wisdom with students, alumni, and the Toronto tech community.
If you have a story to share, let us know how to get in contact with you.
  • Portrait of David Heinemeier Hansson

    David Heinemeier Hansson

    Rails, Basecamp

  • Portrait of John Lax

    John Lax


  • Portrait of Aditya Bali

    Aditya Bali

    Buffer Box

  • Portrait of Haroon Mirza

    Haroon Mirza

    OMERS Ventures

  • Portrait of Kunal Gupta

    Kunal Gupta

    Polar Mobile

  • Portrait of Paul Osman

    Paul Osman


  • Portrait of Rob Maurin

    Rob Maurin


  • Portrait of Greg Isenberg

    Greg Isenberg


  • Portrait of Ricardo Vasquez

    Ricardo Vasquez


  • Portrait of Tyler Rooney

    Tyler Rooney


  • Portrait of Alistair Croll

    Alistair Croll


  • Portrait of Edward Ocampo-Gooding

    Edward Ocampo-Gooding



Mentors play an important role in providing support and advice to our students outside of the classroom. We have a growing roster of over 75 mentors and continue to look for more amazing people to lend a helping hand to the current Bitmakers. Thinking of becoming a mentor? Let us know!
  • Portrait of Jack Hsu

    Jack Hsu


  • Portrait of Alex Karasyov

    Alex Karasyov


  • Portrait of Karl Danninger

    Karl Danninger

    OK Grow

  • Portrait of Farid Ali

    Farid Ali


  • Portrait of Nick Hoffman

    Nick Hoffman

    Shelf Life

  • Portrait of Richardson Dackam

    Richardson Dackam


  • Portrait of Conrad Listwan-Ciesielski

    Conrad Listwan-Ciesielski

    Kira Talent

  • Portrait of Rob Gilson

    Rob Gilson

    Dream Forge

  • Portrait of Matthew Stevens

    Matthew Stevens


  • Portrait of Shane Fera

    Shane Fera

    The Working Group

  • Portrait of Nima Gardideh

    Nima Gardideh

    Frank and Oak

  • Portrait of Marius Butuc

    Marius Butuc



Bitmaker has enjoyed hosting a number of meetups and events. If you're planning an event feel free to get in touch with us!
  • Logo for AngularJS


  • Logo for Coder Dojo

    Coder Dojo

  • Logo for Girls In Tech

    Girls In Tech

  • Logo for HackerNest


  • Logo for Girls Raising

    Girls Raising

  • Logo for HTML5 Toronto

    HTML5 Toronto

  • Logo for Random Hacks of Kindness

    Random Hacks of Kindness

  • Logo for Women Who Code

    Women Who Code